So, you have your own set of hair extensions, and now you want to know how to take care of them? You’re in the right place, then. We will put it all on the table, clear the mysteries and explain some facts. All you need to do is to get comfortable and read 🙂

Natural hair extensions

The first thing you should know about the best hair extensions care is the fact that they were made out of authentic human hair. There are fake polyester products out there, but don’t even concern yourself with them. They’re lousy. They will break quickly, and most of all – they look awful. Simply awful. Someone who had dealings with hair extensions will notice at once, when a polyester hairstyle makes an appearance. But good quality natural extensions… now, that’s a different story entirely.

No matter if you have blond, platinum or pitch black hair extensions – if they are truly professional, no one will recognize that they’re actually somebody else’s hair that was properly recycled. That is the reason why so many movie stars, TV presenters and models use such products on an everyday basis. But what do they do to make their hair extensions last for a longer period of time? Let’s take a look.

How to take care of your extensions

Even the best hair extensions are more likely to fall off when they are combed in the wrong way. You mustn’t pull them strongly. Be delicate while brushing. Try to process your hair extensions with a wide tooth comb or any other tool that won’t make them suffer. Because they are purely natural hair extensions, doesn’t mean that they will grow back, you know. It is really troublesome enough that you can damage your extensions from constant head movements, especially when you’re at a wedding or something. There’s no need to add bad combing into the equation, right?

In order to wash your product, even large 20in hair extensions, an ordinary shampoo and some warm water will do fine. Just try to remember about the gentleness of the whole contraption. As it is with combing, delicate and slow movement is required. After washing, flush your extensions under the tab to remove any remains of the shampoo foam. Dry the products in the most noninvasive way possible. Try to avoid hair driers, and simply put your extensions aside and let them dry on their own.

Of course, dyeing is perfectly fine. The hair extensions care procedures permit it as long as you don’t use bad quality solutions. Cheap chemistry might do a lot of damage. That’s why it is not a bad idea to see what the manufacturer has to say. If it is a good firm, it will have some solutions to recommend. As a result, your perfect hair extensions’ lifespan will increase significantly.