Kids have been known to do the weirdest and unexpected things when it comes to food. Sometimes, they develop a dislike for their most favorite meal in the world (as they would call it), and some other times, the only thing they are interested in eating is that one thing the doctor has advised to be taken in moderation.

This naturally causes some tension for the guardians, who are left to come up with creative ways to get their child to eat so they are filled with the nutrients they need.

On Collected.Reviews, people continue to give feedback about food online stores, and how they are able to get meals with ease and on record time that allows them to create a spin with meals to make it look more pleasant, that the child is encouraged, and even eager to eat. Being creative with meals, rather than forcing the kids to eat has been known to produce better results. Below are five food art ideas that are sure to make mealtime fun for the kids.

1.      Make it colorful

Even you have to agree that sometimes the static green that is vegetables can get depressing to look at after a while. One can only then imagine how it may be for kids. This is why colors should be added to veggies, and this would apply to other meals as well. Food coloring can be added to mashed potatoes for example, and you can choose a color that is the kid’s favorite. Adding strawberries or blueberries to oatmeal and yoghurts are also a good way to make them look forward to eating a meal.

2.      Food, but with fun platters

This is an interesting way to get a kid devoted to eating, especially where they are at the stage where shapes are being taught in schools. This may mean having the cookie shaped in a triangle rather than the regular circle, or using a muffin tin to bake the next cake. These cans are sold in food stores, and they are sure to make the kids happier with a meal.

3.      Let them join in the fun

Kids are, a lot of times, excluded from the food making process, and this is because of the mess that will inevitably be made when they are involved. It is however necessary to understand that having them involved in the food making process will make them even more eager to eat. Their involvement can be as simple as them whisking the eggs, or adding the sugar (ah…you would have to of course, watch this).

4.      The presentation

Presentation plays a very important role in high end restaurants. The creativity in the plating makes many come back for more, and this is no different with kids. This can also be incorporated with the kiddies’ meal, and it does not have to be so complex. The goal is- playful, especially if your child likes that. If your child likes more serious arrangements, plating that mimics that should be done.

5.      Make it theirs

This can mean getting a plate that has their favorite character on it, or one that has their favorite color, or one that has their name on it. This plate would be theirs, and no one else gets to use them. You can also take them to the food store, and have them pick what they would rather.

Making the mealtime fun for the kids is more than just creating ways to get them to eat the food. It also creates another thing that you can bond over with the kids. Outside the five that have been listed above, you can also name dishes, or even have the kids name dishes. This is part of making them feel involved in the meal, and this would create a fun time looked forward to by the kids.