Video streaming services are becoming one of the most prominent forms of entertainment in our times; from Netflix to many others like it.

You may already be familiar with Netflix as it is one of the most significant internet and subscription-based streaming services in the world, with access to over 100 movies; both Netflix originals and non-originals alike, shows and documentaries. You also get access to download or stream new or old movies over any electronic devices so long as there is a connection to a subscribed account. Get more reviews about Netflix programmes and the kinds of subscriptions they have on, also check for interesting reviews on movies or shows before you watch them. Browse on the opinions of streaming services also; this will help you know how to get started, how to sign up, and how to choose a plan and payment method, along with so many other useful information.

Apart from Netflix, there are other streaming services you can subscribe to for your entertainment. Other home entertainment platforms that you can consider include:

1. HBO Max

¬†HBO Max is definitely worth your try; there you can have access to series, TV shows and movies that are not available on HBO. HBO max offers the majority of the current and past blockbusters in movie production; there you can find timeless and modern shows that are worth watching and HBO movies like the ever great game of thrones. You can also find popular sitcom and anime, and even stream shows from other TV channels like Cartoon networks, CNN and many others. Subscription costs 14 dollars monthly on HBO Max; check for payment methods and other valuable data on their website if you’re curious for more information.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is popularly known as one of the best home entertainment streaming services after Netflix. You will have broad access to the latest movies, series and TV shows worldwide; you can check for commendable movies and original series that are on Amazon prime video. The cost of subscription for Amazon prime video is $12.99. There are also benefits for unique prime video subscribers, and they include; free shipping on some products, access to Amazon excellent reading service and more.


Hulu is also a place to get the latest movies, sitcoms, TV-series and shows. What makes Hulu stand out is that they release episodes almost immediately after they are released, while Netflix waits to air an entire series at once. So if you want to watch an episode without waiting for the compilation, Hulu will be best for you. It costs just $5.99 to subscribe to a Hulu account. However, the subscription doesn’t include an ad-free package. The cost of an ad-free program on Hulu is $11.99 per month. Also, for $64.99 you can get a premium Hulu account that will allow you to include add-ons like Showtime, HBO etc. You can also get a package with live TV channels like CNN, ABC, and the likes. Do take note that you can only access Hulu in America and Japan.

4. Disney Plus

Everyone should know about Disney Plus. It is an excellent option for a streaming service and is a great Netflix substitute. You will have access to lots of family movies and tv shows. You can watch all Disney movies on Disney plus, plus you can also watch nearly all Pixar and star wars movies as well. Disney Plus costs 6.99 dollars for a monthly subscription, and 69.99 dollars for an annual subscription. They are currently working on expanding their access to as many countries as possible this 2021.

The above listed are some of the home streaming platforms like Netflix that you can subscribe to for your daily entertainment. Take the first step today.