Erectile dysfunction is the inability of men to achieve, or maintain an erection when having sex. Nouval, the urology specialist doctors from Premier Bintaro Hospital, revealed that erectile dysfunction is divided into two, namely organic and psychogenic. What is the difference?

Nouval explained that organic erectile dysfunction is caused by a disorder of nerves to hormonal diseases. You can contact the Canada Pharmacy to overcome this erectile dysfunction.

“Organic erectile dysfunction can be caused by arterial disorders, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol, and in people who have had prostate surgery,” explained Nouval in Jakarta, Tuesday (02/23/2016).

The disease is related to the disruption of blood vessels, including blood vessels in the penis. Lack of testosterone and an increase in the hormone prolactin can also cause hard erections that are difficult to achieve. For buying the best medicine for erectile dysfunction, you should visit

Organic erectile dysfunction occurs slowly which over time can damage erectile tissue in the penis. Meanwhile, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological and emotional factors.

This type of erectile dysfunction is not permanent and erectile tissue remains healthy because it only occurs at certain times, such as depression, stress, and lack of confidence.

“For example, a new man is fired from his job, bad mood, he will be difficult to erect when connected because his mind is confused,” Nouval said.

According to Nouval, most cases of erectile dysfunction found are a combination of organic and psychogenic. Both types of erectile dysfunction must be known in advance to get the right treatment.

“Most erectile dysfunction is not purely organic, it is usually psychogenic. Initially, it was organic dysfunction, but it made no confidence. Eventually, it worsened erectile dysfunction,” Nouval explained.